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It is with great pride as a coaching staff to recognize the athletic efforts and leadership these young men contributed to our team. Each one of these athletes left it all out on the field and it was a distinct pleasure to watch them grow within our program.

Ryen MacLeod

Ryen MacLeod, our invaluable MVP, was not only a great athlete in his own right, but he also was an exceptional leader. Ryen's presence was evident on and off the field as he continued to keep the team motivated whether we were in a lead or not. His presence was on the field was felt by all who had to face him. He scored touchdowns on special teams as our punt/kick returner, he score touchdowns on defense as a defensive back, and he scored touchdowns as our star slot back. The scoreboard knew his name, as did most of our opponents! Ryen showed true Hunting Hills character through his actions, his words, and his attitude. A leader we will sorely miss as he moves onto the next chapter of his football career. Best of luck Ryan!

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson brought an incredible energy to the field and to the locker room whether we were up by 20 points or down by 30. Alex was our master in command under center who dominated the league with his powerful long ball which often connected to anyone who was able to get into the open. Alex took adversity and looked it right in the eye by standing strong and fighting until the last whistle blew. Alex often would step up to the plate and would fill in for injured defensive backs, injured defensive linemen, and even crushed opponents at linebacker. Alex is a true all round football player with a very gifted arm, and he will sorely be missed as our friend, cheerleader, and teammate. Best of luck Wilson!

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