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It is with great pride as a coaching staff to recognize the athletic efforts and leadership these young men contributed to our team. Each one of these athletes left it all out on the field and it was a distinct pleasure to watch them grow within our program.

Joel Demale

Joel played linebacker, and running back for the last two seasons with the Lightning. A quiet, soft spoken young man, his presence on the field spoke volumes of his character, and unwavering will. Joel lead the linebacker group and the defense as a whole. Joel recognized his assignments, execute with precision and explosion, and bounce back to keep punishing any offense who decided to run on the inside. This relentless athleticism was evident on offense as well. His speed, power, and amazing hands were perfect at the running back position. On numerous occasions Joel was called upon to push us through on 3rd down plays, and he met this challenge with amazing conviction. Good luck in seniors quiet giant!

Lucas Fuerbringer

Lucas played as Safety and Quarterback during the 2016 and 2017 seasons with the Hunting Bantam Team. Lucas showed incredible maturity in dissecting what he needed to improve on each week. His stamina, willingness to learn and perseverance was clearly evident on and off the field. As a quarterback, leadership is absolutely essential, and Lucas was a natural from day one. His intelligence and IQ on the field proved to be a valuable weapon for our offensive plays, often anticipating what the unit needed to do next. Lucas played consistently, and was very calm under pressure, especially when time was a factor. Well done Lucas, you will excel at the next level!

Guelor 'Super G' Kaongo

Guelor, or "Super G" was instantly welcomed into our football family in 2016 when he and his family move to Red Deer from Quebec. Guelor is a natural born athlete, and a true inspiration for other players on our team. G played Slotback, Quarterback, and Safety throughout the 2016-1017, and excelled where ever we needed him most. Quite often Guelor would make some astronomical play to keep our drive alive on offense, or stop an impending drive on defense. Not only was he the most popular athlete on our team, but he was also one of the most supportive. He made friends with everyone on the team, and considered them his second family. We will miss you tremendously Guelor, never change who you are!

Nolan Baragar

Nolan Barager is our only junior all stars out of our group this year, so we are thrilled to have him back for one more year. Nolan played Running Back, and on occasion, Linebacker. His gift....speed! Watching Nolan run, is like watching a cheetah chasing down it's prey. He has the incredible gift of eluding defenses by utilizing his laser sharp cuts, explosive releases, and unparalleled vision. Nolan anticipated hole development, and wasted no time in piercing through the first and second levels in defense. A highly underestimated athlete, Nolan brings a great deal of knowledge, athleticism, and heart to his team. We are excited to see what he'll bring next year!

Parker Guenther

Parker was one of our best players on defense, often being at the right place...almost all the time! Guenther showed great leadership often rallying the troops from the sidelines, or inspiring others through his tenacious speed, agility, and technical play. Parker didn't play football, he was hunting, hunting for his next meal. His vision, and anticipation were second to none, and he always gave more than what was expected of him. Whether it be during practice, or on the field, his presence was undeniably evident when you heard pads crunch. Your a star Guenther, and you'll be leaving some very big shoes to be filled.

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