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What is 'Bleed Blue'? Well, that is a great question...

'Bleed Blue' is not only a war cry. Bleed Blue is a belief that we as a team, we as a school, and we as a community can be unified as one. It is a reminder that we need to feed off the strength of others, and lift each other towards the goal of excellence. It is the THUNDER to our LIGHTNING!

When we as coaches yell 'BLEED', the athletes yell 'BLUE', and we repeat 3 times. It is a moving experience for athletes as it gets athletes excited and pumped to perform. Many of the athletic departments (basketball / volleyball) also use this war cry for their team dynamics as well.

Hunting Hills has a great deal of pride in their academics, their athletics, and their community involvement. It is a culture, a family of sorts. To 'Bleed Blue' is to embody the beliefs that we hold true as a school. It's a reminder that the program, the school, the community comes first...before our own personal agendas. When we sacrifice our selfish beliefs and focus on the greater good...champions are made. We finish strong...we finish together!


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