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Our team has adopted 10 Commandments of our own:

  1. WIN THE DAY. Each day ask yourself..."will I win the day?" Meaning, will you do something today that made you better than yesterday.

  2. 7 UNITS STRONG. We have seven units as part of our team, we are only as strong as our weakest unit. We work relentlessly to ensure weaknesses are identified, and to help strengthen that unit. Together.

  3. 4 TO 6 / A TO B. Every play on the field lasts, on average, between 4 to 6 seconds. You need to get from point A to B in that rep. Be fast!

  4. BLEED BLUE. When coach yells “BLEED”, you continue whatever you’re doing but as a unit we all yell back “BLUE”. This will be our mantra. It emphasizes unity, pride in our program, and toughness that is in our core. It’s a war cry, it is the thunder to our lightning.

  5. MAINTAIN MENTAL REPS. If you’re not active, and resting in line…think about the drill and how to improve it when it is your time to perform.

  6. PERSISTANT POSITIVITY. We require every member of our team to stay positive. Positive people are successful people.

  7. PLAY TO THE WHISTLE. Relentless pursuit, and unwavering effort is mandatory.

  8. EDUCATE YOURSELF. You will be given a playbook in the Spring, learn it.

  9. KNOW YOUR ASSIGNMENT. Know your responsibility as a player, and respond when your unit is called upon.

  10. PERFECT YOUR CRAFT. Get out early before practice (early outs), and start perfecting skill sets that make you the athlete we need.

Hunting Hills Bantam Football Program : Hunting Hills High School : Red Deer Alberta