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We here at Hunting Hills expect a lot from our athletes, expectations that stand firm in our program:

  1. BE on time. Not just on time, but at least 10 min early and ready to go at start of practice. No excuses. We will start without you. Don’t let your team down.

  2. IF you are late or absent for any reason, text or call Coach Sorenson at 403-302-2487 well before practice starts.

  3. IF you are injured, and are missing practices or games, you need to produce a medical clearance letter from your doctor before you can suit up.

  4. BE prepared. Have appropriate clothing, gear, footwear (indoor athletic shoes for gym / agility sessions, cleats for field sessions), waterbottles.

  5. BE ready to work. Listen to coaches, be mentally focused, pay attention to the sets and reps being worked on, socialize on your own time. Be physically prepared to work.

  6. BE unified. This is your family away from your home family. We support, encourage, and push each other to be the best we can be. Pursue perfection, and encourage others in their journey to do the same. We are stronger together.

  7. HOLD each other accountable. You all have goals, communicate that to each other and hold each other accountable for them.

  8. IF you don't know something...ask. There is a lot to learn, so if you're having troubles, ask a team mate then coaches.

  9. BE respectful, to coaches, to support staff, to your team mates, to everyone.

  10. TAKE ownership, if you're wrong about something, don't dismiss, deflect or lie about it. Own it, learn from it, and move on.

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