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Coach Sorensen's class is located in the Humanities division of Hunting Hills High School. His room number is 1212.

We will conduct game film in Coach's class usually at the beginning of the week (start of Tuesday's practice during regular season). It is expected that while we go over film or 'chalk talk' that the players are quiet and attentive. You will simply be asked to leave if you are disrupting the sessions. Attentive and engaged players get game time.

Classroom Rules:

  • No chewing gum

  • Be quiet and pay attention

  • Raise your hand if you have a question

  • Ask questions, it means you're paying attention

  • Desks and chairs are to be put back in place after the session

  • Don't leave garbage

  • No cleats in the school

  • No cell phones

  • Bring pencil and paper to jot down notes

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