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Great Chief Park is Hunting Hills' home field, for seniors and bantam teams. Great Chief Park is located adjacent to Bower Ponds in Red Deer. The park facility is home to 3 baseball fields as well, so parking can be a challenge on weekends.

Great Chief Park is currently under construction for the 2019 Winter Games, however the facility will be open for football for the 2018 season.

This facility is complete with a concession, media tower, change rooms, public washrooms, lighting, and the field is artifical turf. This facility is fenced off, and is only open by reservation from the City of Red Deer.

Here are a few rules to keep in mind while at Great Chief Park:

  • You go on the bus...you leave on the bus

  • Keep change rooms clean, remove garbage, respect the privilage of having a space to change

  • This is our home field, welcome other teams to our house. Be respectful.

  • Be respectful of facility rules, and facility staff

  • Respect other teams' space, no entry into other team's change rooms

To book this field for events / practices, contact the City of Red Deer Recreation Department

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