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We are very very privilaged to have our own change room which is located in the garage facility northwest of the school. We share this space with the senior team, however the space is separated by lockers. There are two entrances to the building, and the building is securely locked during practice. With this privilage comes respect, here are the team room rules:

  • Make sure cleats (or any dirty footwear) are cleaned off of mud before coming into the change room

  • Respect other athlete's space / lockers

  • Hang coats / backpacks / etc on your locker hooks

  • Tuck your street shoes / cleats under your bench

  • No horseplay

  • Ensure practice balls / pads / waterbottles are brought out to the field

  • Any questions about gear / uniforms, speak to our equipment manager

  • Ask trainer / coach to get taped if required

  • Keep team room tidy

  • Sign attendance sheet and grab play sheets if required

Hunting Hills Bantam Football Program : Hunting Hills High School : Red Deer Alberta