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Our mission statement goes far and above the traditional focus on football, instead we strive to use football as a means to embody personal responsibility, adversity, and growth. Here are the main points we instill into every practice and every game:

  1. To help teach young men and women how to live their lives with respect, integrity and honor.

  2. To help young men and women realize what they can accomplish in life when they develop strong work ethic, accountability, and responsibility.

  3. To develop leaders that inspire, encourage and bring value into the lives of the people around them.

  4. Teach kids how to handle adversity and how to look at is an opportunity for growth instead of an obstacle to fear.

Our vision is to bring honour to our community, school, families, and football program.

5 Pillars of Excellence

  • Attitude (approach to life’s circumstances)
  • Honour-(Treatment of people)
  • Accountability (being responsible for your decisions and actions)
  • Leadership - (how you inspire or empower)
  • Courage- (pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone = success and accomplishment)

Hunting Hills Bantam Football Program : Hunting Hills High School : Red Deer Alberta