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Values as a Team

  • Put others first before ourselves.

  • How can I make my teammates better?

  • How can I be an encouragement to my teammates today?

  • How does my attitude encourage my teammates?

  • Do I inspire my teammates to be better?

  • Are my values focused on only my success or the success of the whole team?

  • At the end of the day have I done anything to make my team better?

  • Are we committed to the advancing the well-being of others?

  • The journey will not always be fun and easy, but are you willing to do what it takes to become a champion?

Ultimately we strive to be a tough, relentless, and discipline team that plays with class, respect, selflessness and a never give up attitude.

“Truly serving others requires putting ourselves and our desires aside while looking for ways and opportunities to do what is best for others”.

Great teams that have a lot of chemistry have a it’s not about me mentality. It’s about others”.

-Tony Dungy

Hunting Hills Bantam Football Program : Hunting Hills High School : Red Deer Alberta