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We host three Spring Camps here at Hunting Hills. Two in April, and one in May of each year, capped off with a Spring Jamboree.

Leadership Camp (April)

New to our program, is our annual Leadership Camp. This camp is only open to our returning players from the previous year (Grade 8 students who played with us last year). The purpose behind this camp is to reinforce the beliefs and expectations of our program, while empowering our athletes to rise up and lead their current and future team mates. This camp comprises of 3-4 sessions where team building exercises, and leadership profiles are identified.

Agility Camp (April)

Also new to our program is our Agility Camp. This camp is open to returning players as well as any new players that are currently in grades 7 or 8. Generally we try to get 2-3 sessions per week through the month of April, and sessions are taught in one of the gyms at the Hunting Hills High School. The purpose of this camp is to get players to start thinking about football, and to condition them for the rigors of playing at the Bantam level. These sessions will emphasize discipline, fitness, coordination, flexibility, speed, agility, and overall performance. Team bonding becomes evident once the sessions conclude, and it helps to prepare the athletes for the next level of training.

Spring Camp (May)

Spring Camp starts at the beginning of May, and ends at the start of June. Camp is usually starts at 4:15 pm and goes til 6-6:30 pm. This is a contact camp, and the start of football. Fundamentals are taught early so that concepts like "safe contact" are implemented early in development. Athletes are placed in units (linebackers, running backs, etc) early to see how their previous experience, or how their innate athletic prowess can help the team as a whole. Once the fundamentals are taught, it's time to implement what has been taught into formations. Playbooks are handed out early in Spring Camp, with the expectation that they are studied, and executed with precision. Spring Camp ends with our annual 'Jamboree'.

Jamboree (June)

Each year, teams from throughout our division get together to play one another in a one day fun football event. The Jamboree is a fun, 1/2 field, "O" vs "D" game where teams get to test their skills against their divisional opponents. The goal here is to reward the athletes in some game play, and for coaches to get an idea on how the upcoming season might look like. The Jamboree is usually held in Lacombe on a Saturday at the beginning of June, but locations may change in the future once Great Chief Park is completed.

For more information regarding the camps or if you have any questions, click here E-mail Us to contact Coach Sorensen.

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